Our time to revitalize and rebuild is now! With the 2018 elections over, we are regearing and refocusing to bring the community together for the future. Building from the bottom up and starting on the local level.  We live in the beautiful county of Iredell. We know that every voice deserves to be heard but our current political climate does not represent that. With a majority of Republican leadership, a profound portion of our population goes unheard and unrepresented. We can change that. We can work together to elect candidates that support all people, that have your best interest in mind, and that listen to what you need. And that candidate may even be you.


Come join us for the annual Kennedy Carter to gather together and discuss what an empowered community looks like. Listen to those that have held positions of leadership both politically and in the community. Dance the night away and enjoy our silent auction!


As we progress nearer to the date, further details will be released. The event will be held in Statesville, NC in August 2019. We are thrilled to see you there!