Strategic Plan


The Iredell County Democratic Party Strategic Plan

Our Mission:

The mission of the Iredell County Democratic Party is to promote democratic principles and values while encouraging active participation in the election process.

The local Party serves to recruit, train, support and elect progressive candidates for city, county, state and federal offices.

The basic unit of organization for our Party is the precinct. We encourage all Democrats in Iredell County to be active in precincts.

Core Values:

  • Family
  • Community
  • Country


“Moving Forward Together”

We live our family values. We practice our beliefs. We cherish our patriotism. We are compassionate and value diversity and social justice. We practice environmental stewardship and responsible leadership. We believe that educational and economic opportunities should be available to all who work for them.


  1. Encourage policies that improve the quality of life and regional economy for all of our people
  2. Encourage our candidates to proclaim boldly their policy goals that will make a difference for the people
  3. Restore government support of public education
  4. Restore investment in infrastructure
  5. Sustain and preserve air and water quality essential to a healthy environment and a strong economy for now and the future
  6. Recognize the importance of our county and municipalities as economic engines for the region

Steps to Implement:

  1. To support, promote and increase the value of being a Democrat to existing and potential members
  2. To achieve greater recognition of the Democratic Party by the Iredell County Residents
  3. Develop and retain qualified leaders at all levels of the Party
  4. To identify potential democratic candidates to run for elected offices who believe as the Party does in its platform
  5. To implement programs that support and train potential candidates
  6. To organize all 29 Iredell precincts and train Precinct officers
  7. To encourage more auxiliary groups, with a goal of having a chapter of each that has approved by-laws by NCDP